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## TAKE THE CHALLENGE! # Num13 :26-14:10* if the Lord delight in us, then He will bring us into this land. The attitude we all take when confronted with a difficult task often determined whether we shall succeeded or fails in meeting the challenge. It was open many years when Lord used a persistent, optimistic Christian to bring salvation bto a hard-drinking, blasphemous railroad man whom all hopelessly lost. Trying talk with him only result in tirades against God, preachers, N Churches. On conclusion that he would never be saved through his hardened heart. But a believers that has a linoleum store across the street later befriend this old railman , N within few month the impossible happened-the rascal conductor became a radiant Christian. Let's notice the happened on Israelites when they were all succumbed to negative thinking. On reaching the Canaan border, N sending 12 spies to check out the land, N they were only believed the 10 that bring the negative impossible report, while the other 2 bring the possibility report, with confidence in God. That God shall delivered their enemies to them N the land is very fertile. God delights in doing great things through His children. The Israelites could have gone into this fertile land hath all peoples harken to reports of 2 men , instead of now wonderring in desert for 38 years. So, brethren let's look at our obstacles with confidence. Trusting God , we all can meet any challenge He places before us. *When God gives us an impossible task, it becomes possible. * namaste* 2 piece formal dresses