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A sad story
But life goes on
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A fam friend found out her fiancé was cheating on her w/ her maid of honor before her wedding. She went through w/her expensive ass wedding(he paid for), taped pics of them cheating under the chairs & exposed them during her speech. Walked out & went on the honeymoon by herself JuneBridals long wedding guest dresses ?

When my mom told me I was like....
Back by popular demand. How to be a petty boss ass bitch on your wedding day, a thread:

So our friend had dated a gringo that she met in HS for a few years & all was good. They went out, he was romantic, he cared about her & treated her like a queen... she never really noticed how clingy & jealous her bff (Becky) was whenever she tried to hang out with him

Becky would ask so she would tell her about how amazing he was and how lucky she felt to be w/ him. Becky started coming over to her house all the time & one day she started asking to hang out with them and go on dates with them and shit

She wanted them to be friends with each other because they were her two best friends & she loved them so she agreed... LITTLE DID SHE KNOW
She noticed them getting closer & texting a lot but he would tell her Becky was just giving him advice/date ideas for them & that they were just friends... she trusted them and believes his bitch ass ?
Anyway, he ends up proposing to our friend & she was ecstatic. Holddddd up though, her nice ass future suegros insist on paying for their wedding ? So she starts planning w/ the help of her bff Becky ( ? ), reserves the venue and plans on spending around 20k on the whole thing

She FINALLY starts noticing that the “friendship” between her fiancé & Becky is getting a little too friendly after one of her other friends points it out. Her other friend (a real homie) actually FOLLOWS Becky around for the weekend and catches her & the fiancé IN THE ACT

She finds their cheating bitch asses meeting @ hotels & all up on each other and takes pics. She sends them to our friend who’s completely devastated...
Our friend’s mom had mentioned to her before that she didn’t trust Becky but she stood up for her & trusted Becky regardless

She thinks about shutting the whole wedding down but they’d already put so much money & time into it so she decides to go through w/ it and make them suffer a little
She insists that they double their budget to 40K so that she can get even more flowers, another dress & more decor. At first her fiancé hesitates but this petty bitch plays the, “am I not worth it to you, baby?” card and he folds like a cheap suit ?
She gets her ass to Walgreens and prints out the pictures of her “bffs” in the act for all the guests to see ? Let’s keep in mind that a lot of this was done in anger but she was hurt and she’s honestly so beyond sweet & trusting, she didn’t deserve what those two assholes did.

She acts normal in front of everyone but let’s her close family know what’s going on. Her super catholic mom kept telling her marriage was sacred & that it was a sin but her dad said “que pecado ni que nada, ahí que joder al gringo. Nunca me cayó bien y me quiero divertir”

Meaning: her dad never liked her fiancé anyway and he was going to take advantage of the free pachanga and get down
So she does it! She tapes the envelopes w/ the pics under every single chair & she actually marries him... apparently during the whole thing she’d have a couple drinks and start getting a little teary-eyed but everyone thought she was just really happy....LITTLE DID THEY KNOW

She dances, she drinks (a lot) and finally starts to give her “thank you for coming” speech near the end. She asks everyone to sit and you just see her mom like:
She thanks her husbands family for everything and tells them she loves them but starts sobbing a little & talks about how heartbreaking disloyalty is... She says that she has a little gift for everyone under their seats & everyone starts opening the envelopes

She looks at her husband and Becky and tells them that she hopes they’re happy, that’s she’ll be going on her honeymoon by herself and that she’ll never forgive them. All the guests are like...
Her mom-in-law starts sobbing and death glaring at her son who tries to grab his bride as she starts running away. He’s screaming that he loves her and apologizing and telling her it was a mistake that would never happen again but she doesn’t even look back...

She enjoyed her vacation. She had to come back to a divorce but she says she doesn’t regret it and doesn’t want to see either of them ever again. She’s thriving and doesn’t associate with fake hoes anymore.
Lessons of the story:
1. Don’t have slut friends that you know would hurt you if given the chance
2. Trust your mama, 99% she’s right about the people around you
3. Don’t stay with someone that is cheating on you because it’s convenient, there’s better people out there.

For everyone wondering what happened. Check my pinned tweet for the rest of the story ?