JuneBridals spaghetti evening gowns

It is said that a seamstress wanted to teach his grandson
Great wisdom in his own way While sewing a new dress he took his precious scissors and began to cut the large cloth into smaller pieces to begin sewing it to make a new dress
After he finished cutting the cloth, he took that precious scissors
He threw him on the ground at his feet
The grandson watched with wonder what his grandfather had done
Then the grandfather took the needle and began collecting these pieces to make a wonderful dress
Once he had finished the needle, he planted it in his turban.
At this moment the grandson could not conceal his curiosity and admire him
From his grandfather's actions, the grandson asked him
: Why my grandfather threw your precious scissors on the ground between your feet
While keeping the needle cheap and put it on your head turban
The grandfather replied: "My son, it is the scissors that cut this large cloth and made it small pieces
While it is the needle that collected the pieces to become a beautiful dress
Be one of those who gather together
And you shall not be among those who divide people
You do not have to be the most wonderful, but if you come to the marginalized hear .. If you came apologetic forgive .. If your friend calls you for the need of benefit
And even if you harvested enough, you are the Lord sowing. Learn the tender even in your suffocating circumstances. Learn how to give light to those around you, even if your secrets are tired. The reward of the reward will keep you safe from what you do not count. JuneBridals spaghetti evening gowns
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