JuneBridals wedding wears specially designed for pregnant ladies

Yesterday exactly one year ago, I woke up and started getting ready to take my bridals with my wedding photographer. Robbie went to go get me some coffee. It was an exciting day because I was getting to wear my wedding dress, get my hair and makeup done, and feel like a bride a month before our actual wedding. When I went into the bathroom I went under my sink for some reason and out fell a pregnancy test I didn’t even know I had. Something told me to take it because “why not?”. And that’s when my entire world flipped upside down. I’ll never forget the moment I saw that little plus sign. I’ll never forget Robbie figuring out why I put a bun in our oven and made him look in there. I’ll never forget him yelling “I’m gonna be a daddy !?!?!” I’ll never forget the tears of joy and the feeling of pure happiness in those moments. From that minute I had everything I’ve ever wanted. All in one day I was a bride, a wife, and a mother for the first time. And a year later here i am in our home, laying next to my husband and my 4 month old daughter while they nap, thinking about how I’m the luckiest person on the planet. That feeling of pure happiness hasn’t gone away. And it will only get better as the years go by and our family grows in size and strength. This is the dream. JuneBridals wedding wears specially designed for pregnant ladies ❤️