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GoodMorning, LetsPray for our wives & wives2Be
Thank You dear Lord for Your faithfulness. Thank Your for Your are mighty in all that You do. Thank Your for Your provision upon my wife/(to be). Thank You that only by Your spirit, by Your grace and mercy that i met (will meet). Thank You for blessing us with homes, jobs, cars, good health, children, good families You have given us.

Father this morning i stand in the gap for my wife (to be) and ask that You forgive her for the times she has wandered away from You. Forgive her for failing to submit to me and indecent dressing. Forgive us for not being faithful to You that we even broke the covenant we made before You. Father i confess every sin unto You so that You can have mercy from You and forgive us totally because You said; _*If we confess our sins, You are faithful enough to forgive us.*_ Lord we can not hide anything from You because You have seen it all.

Dear Lord, i know there is nothing impossible with You and to You i return to pray for total salvation of my wife (to be). Father i do not want to give up on my wife. I know it is only You who can change her heart. I trust You can restore her to the kind of woman You cŕeated her to be. Your hand is not short to deliver her its only our sins that can block it, that is the reason for seeking forgiveness this morning. Lord and i know You will never forgive up on Your people because You loved us even when we did not deserve this love. You sent You only child to die for our sins. Here is Your dota crying out for You mercy to deliver my wife from doing anything that does not glorify You name. Forgive my as his wife for the times i have contributed to the evil behavior of my wife. The times i could have accompaned her to witches or took her in bars in my ignorance and even when i had already recieved the knowledge of truth. The times she stole govt money and i just kept quiet. Lord we have profaned Your name because of the evil we have done against You. Please deliver us and cleanse us with Your precious blood. Maternity Dresses for Weddings

Father i continue to pray that You deliver my wife from indecent dressing. Father deliver her heart from selfishness from being mean. Deliver her from pride and ego. Deliver her from anger, bitterness, unforgiveness. Lord deliver my wife from foolishiness and following standards of the world.

Now standind on the word of God in Luke 10:19, shielding myself with the blood of Jesus; I turn to you satan and speak in your ears. Hear the word of God; you have no right over my wife(to be). You have used her enough and today I disconnect her from every evil influence. I disconnect her from wrong from friends and strange men. I disconnect her from evil family coventants. I shield her minds, eyes, ears, mouth with the blood of Jesus. Nothing evil will come out of her mouth, she will not see or speak evil. Sin will stink for her and with the blood of Jesus, i close every evil door that were opened in her life. And right now i speak total destruction to all your weapons in her life.

I decree my wife (to be) will serve the living God not satan. I speak life into her dry bones. He will ways in the ways of God. My wife will prosper, i declare the peace of God in her heart. I speak life in her finances, i speak healing in her sexual life. I speak deliverance and total restoration to her minds, heart, body and spirit in Jesus name.

Thank You Lord for hearing and answeriny my prayers. Thank for the testimomy You have already put on my lips. All this i pray in the name of Jesus child our Lord and savior. Amen

A blessed new day