black wedding guest dress

It was immedietly after high
school, i was dating this chick in the black wedding guest dress
neighbourhood and after our studies
we both wanted to celebrate in a
unique way.
She wanted us to cement our love
and she wanted us to take our love
to another level, so she asked me to
make love to her, but the.problem
was i was wondaring where to do it.
One evening, she asked me to
sneak out at night from my parents
house and go to her room when
people were asleep.
Actually i did as she requested.
At 11pm, i sneaked into her
bedroom, i found her waiting for me,
wearing her sexy siphon night dress,
and a pink panty.
She didnt want us to talk coz she
feared we would be heard, so we
went on with the urgent business.
I held her in my arms, kissed her
lips and removed her night dress.
I grabbed her boobs and started
sucking them as i caressed her.
Then licking her neck slowly my
fingers doing the walking on
her.stomach until i reached her
panty pulling it down.
I opened her legs astride, i sucked
her small clitoris, licking her pussy,
as i rubbed her clit, until she
She helped me undress and
my dick was hard as rock then she
helped me wear the condom.
Just immedietly when she lied on
bed, her legs wide open with
anticipation for me to penetrate her,
we heard a knock at her door.
Lord,it was here father,I almost
He came claiming he had heard his
Daughter Crying.
She immedietly asked me to enter
into her wardrobe and quickly hid
my clothes under her bed, her father
was so furious, and he came
searching everywhere claiming he
had heard someone in her room.
Eventually he opened the wardrobe
and there i was coiled like a sick
I burst out of the room, frantically
found my way out.
I run naked at night like a Mad Man
with a condom dangling on my dick,
and the way it was cold.
Funny enough, the more i
increased the speed to run, the
erect my dick became.
At last i reached home.
I farntically thrust the door open
and my dad came out