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I am reposting this for a special friend!! Please google FAITH or WHATEVER your needs are and get a Bible with concordance and simple translation and begin reading OUTLOUD SO YOU CAN HEAR because FAITH GROWS BY HEARING GODS WORD!! Romans 10:17. I PROMISE no matter what your problem is GOD HAS ALREADY PREPARED AN ANSWER!!! Isaiah 65:24! Isn’t that INCREDIBLE!!! I actually read Romans first about 3 times and had a notebook and made notes. I ALWAYS READ OUTLOUD!!! God’s Word NEVER FAILS!! Father please use this to blanket each person who reads it with YOUR EXTRAVAGANT ABUNDANT EXTREME BLESSINGS!! EXPLODE OUR FAITH IN JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN !!!�My precious friend MaryBlanche was trying to help me GROW my Faith !! She said you have to BELIEVE GOD WILL DO WHAT YOU ASKED AND CONTINUOUSLY SPEAK LIFE INTO THIS DAY AND WEATHER ! I was SO BOLD!! I told EVERYONE it was going to be PERFECT WEATHER... a gentle breeze, clear skies, and NO BUGS!! Now this is SUMMER in South Georgia ? Temperatures in 95-100 degree range. To top it off, from day one my son wanted rehearsal dinner in my back yard AND invited 190 you read this right!! 190 of his closest friends! He even had the menu and suggestions on who could cook what! We agreed to everything and I began telling and believing!! So fast forward to the day of the rehearsal dinner IN MY YARD... outside! 100% RAIN!! No plan B. Even though I didn't ask anyone for help, some of the best friends on the face of the earth just showed up. They began cleaning ( Thank You God for the Patties, Strickland's, McGeachy's, Miss Ruth, Rosemary and her precious family) They kept saying we HAVE to get a plan B !! I would sneak into a room and call MaryBlanche.. the weather channel shows no break in rain... she says YOU MUST HAVE FAITH AND SPEAK POSITIVE!! Don't LOOK AT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES she said!!! My friends even cleaned the beauty shop in case we needed to move it inside( seriously 190 people. ) My friend RoseMary must have put table cloths on and off 10 times as Neil waded back into the water lighting floating candles AGAIN I would breathe DEEP and say it WILL CLEAR UP!! Well I got dressed around 5 and as we walked out the front door the sky opened and the wind began to blow... we rehearsed and came home . The party was PERFECT!! No bugs, great breeze, NO RAIN, it wasn't even HOT OUTSIDE great food , BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! just PERFECT THANK YOU JESUS!!! As the last person shut their car doors the rain came back. Oh WOW GOD!! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME HOW TO BELIEVE!! Thank You for blessing my children and their commitment to Your Truth! PLEASE IMPART A NEW MEASURE OF FAITH AND HOPE INTO EVERY PERSON READING THIS RIGHT NOW!! Move the Mountains that are in their way!! Download incredible truth into us!! Show Yourself MIGHTY FOR OUR NATION!! PLEASE BLESS MY FAITHFUL FRIENDS IN JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN!!�Proverbs 18:21 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<�e power of life and death, and those who love it will eat them. Deuteronomy 30:19 (NIV)�19 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live�Father please help us to keep our eyes on You! Help us to speak life and hope to all things! Help us to stand on Your PROMISES IN JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN!!�Tags:�Categories: Uncategorized blush formal dresses