bridesmaid wear with hot pink color

So had my five weeks for radiation my skin is itchy, hot, bumpy, burning, and even raw in some areas. But that part is over now it's time for my six treatments of what they call the boost! What is the boost? This is six treatments of radiation that are treating just my incision areas. So this will be a smaller section of radiation. The radiation tech said it was a good time to have two days off to give my skin a break. My incision under my arm is very sore and very pink the o bridesmaid wear with hot pink color ... ther is ok right now. So worried about how sore and pink by underarm will get with the next six treatments! The end is near and see the light and ready for this to be over and to go back to a normal or new normal life with no doctors appointments or treatments. Thank you all again for your support and kind words during these year it has been a ruff 2017 just ready to start a new year and say good bye to Cancer! # noonefightsalone !!

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