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44 year old James Muller died from injuries he sustained Friday after being hit by a motor vehicle at one of the busiest intersections in # JohnsonCityTennessee .
Without any follow-up information I can tell you he was a street person, and whoever hit him is most likely connected somehow with authority here in upper East Tennessee.
Why ? How ? Because there were no charges filed whatsoever in this man's death.
You don't run over a grasshopper in Johnson City Tennessee, wit ... hout the # JohnsonCityPoliceDepartment giving you a ticket for SOMETHING.
It just isn't done in small towns. That's how they make their living. Especially with something as egregious and terrible as a death by motor vehicle ... on a Football Friday night ... in a drunken college town. Hmm ? Do you get it now ?
Maybe America is having such a hard time with the world's perception of us because we deserve it for our corruption, and criminal nature.
I wonder how much the driver had to pay to get out of being charged ?
I didn't know months Muller, but I believe he deserves a more professional investigation.
It's amazing when you live in a small town how something like this, that happened to somebody important or someone connected to somebody important will be investigated for months, and months, and months until charges fall into someone's lap. bridesmaid wears in sky blue for wedding party
He isn't the first street person in Johnson City to lose his life in traffic, and eventually see no further interest by authority in their deaths.

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