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Okay I said I was back to being a bitch and I'm not kidding. Let's talk gun control. There are none so blind as those who shall not see. People want to pass laws for stricter gun control. Fabulous. That's great. I'm sure that once you go to the bad neighborhoods and explain to those people who sell scrubbed guns from the trunks of their cars that we are passing new gun control laws they will kindly close up shop. And for those of you who want to pretend you don't know what a scrubbed gun is. That is when someone rubs the serial number off so it can't be traced and sells it illegally. Yeah it really happens. And not just in Atlanta, or Detroit, or Philly, or D.C. or Compton. or any other "high crime" city you hear about in the news. All gun laws will do is make it harder for the law abiding citizens to get one and the criminals even easier access. You really want to solve gun crime? Good luck. It's a pipe dream. As long as guns exist there will always be gun related crimes. Yes school shootings are abhorrent. So is bullying. Notice how the majority of school shootings are committed by either students or former students who were socially problematic. Bullied. Outcast. Kids picked on because they weren't pretty enough, rich enough, cool enough, white enough, whatever. A child gets bullied in school because they aren't wearing the right clothes or their parents don't make enough money. Nobody wants to deal with it because it is "just a part of growing up". That same kid gets an assault rifle and shoots ten people and it's suddenly a national crisis and something needs to be done. A teenage girl gets raped and it's said that she was probably asking for it because she dressed like a tramp and flirted too often. That same girl gets a gun and shoots her attacker and it's said that her father was at fault for having a loaded gun in the house. A man goes into combat for his country and winds up having PTSD and it's said that he should stop begging for attention. That same man snaps and shoots up a mall because he sees "the enemy" and it becomes the fault of the pawn shop who sold him the gun. These things that are happening are not the fault of a gun. Put a gun in the middle of your living room floor. When no one touches that gun I can absolutely guarantee that it will not kill one single person. A gun never killed anyone. It was the person who pulled the trigger. And no I am not advocating gun violence. What I am saying is that passing all the gun laws you want won't change the potential for violence. As long as there is a need for a gun there will always be a desire to exploit a gun for another purpose. The President of The United States wants to train teachers to have guns to protect against terroristic threats. And when that teacher gets sick of that one little smart mouth bastard always cutting up in his or her class and decides to put a bullet in them what then? Perfectly sane until little Tommy or Jimmy or Sally pushes him or her too far and they snap. You think every person who ever snapped off mentally started out insane? Yeah I know, it's the old "We need to fix the problems we can" party line. Well the party is coming to a close and the sun is coming up. There are a whole truckload of problems bigger than guns and people better start waking up to them or you're in for a whole lot more problems. Problems that wishes and fairy dust just won't fix. Somebody takes an assault rifle and shoots up a school because their feelings were constantly hurt and it damages the soul of the average human. Get somebody who researches how to make bombs into a school with a lot on their mind and what do you think that will do to your soul? consignment wears for formal party