flowy prom collections of chiffon

Good morning...

Well, mercury retrograde. I don't know much about you but what I do know is you affect relationship communication, communication in technology and transportation. Since this week has seen me have difficult times with social interactions, and both our laptops chose to crap out at critical anxiety points for us, it seemed like a perfect illustration of the kind of crap that happens when we are in the middle of a phase like this.

I take heart that my little existence is a mere microcosm, and that chaos and relationship changes are vexing the perpetrators for the planet's inequalities as well, but on a macro scale. Woot. # methree

So to make me feel better, I'm having coffee, some lovely cbd tincture by Halley's Comet (I recommend this product HIGHLY and I do mean highly) and planning to spend the next few days just laying low.

Drop by early afternoon to join me and the dogs for a wander on nearby trails if you're so inclined. I need to get out but safely, with companionship. Its the time of year when we are hunkering down as there is no more budget to speak of and we have just paid the bills for Dec. Which is still two days away. Fighting fear of scarcity by stocking up means anticipating every advance need and then making sure we have it. Then we let the universe's abhorrence of a vacuum help us through the shortfalls that somehow always find a way to surprise us. There is gas in the van for 5 trips to town and back. When the bank charges clear, we will be JUST in the black. Cream, egg and bread money squirreled away and then its time to sink into winter's cadence of reading/studying/writing/handwork for me. Fortunately, with John's challenges, he doesn't need to find things to think about, he can hang like that little cursor when you are waiting for service on a dialup line, for hours on end, a pleasant little fugue with intermittent naps. He becomes Maggie's furniture on the useful end of things...LOL... flowy prom collections of chiffon

Phew, survived to the end of November. Day five of CBD tincture morning and night and instead of one or two med anxiety blowouts (the kind where you feel your whole body shortcircuiting) per day, I've gone to only one or two MUCH milder episodes that culminated in only major hot flashes instead of the range of symptoms, with no persistent exhaustion that follows the huge attacks.

Who knew that cbd tincture could be so profoundly life changing?

Unicorns pooping rainbows: The perfect accessory If you don't immediately feel the need for this unicorns pooping rainbow doll and scarf, please check your pop culture irony pulse,