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IT is rare to hear these words if ever at all ,and rarer indeed to be heard by young ears and much rarer than "the two combined" for a child to hear and appreciate the value in them .. For it is said .
The first thing to happen to a man and the last thing a man expects to happen to himself is "old age" . And that , while the light is with-in thee ,do a little more lest the darkness catch up with thee , for a man who liveth in darkness ,knows not where he goes.
And that , in the land of blind men the one eyed man is king .
Flouride is a neurotoxin , mkultra is not a toothpaste the tv is programming you into what its creator/s have in mind themselves to use and through continue abusing you . Very rare indeed it is for the truth to be swallowed , better to sip at it carefully ever watching ever present , but take the medicine as if (like the poem) your life depended on it . high low dresses wedding guest