ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride

Stretch marks

They're perfectly natural, but not everyone wants stretch marks

Whether they appeared after giving birth, a change in weight or just puberty the quest to find a way to make them fade remains the same


While Asos has been applauded for not airbrushing out model's stretch marks, it's not exactly a stretch ( yes pun intended ) that others may want to get rid of - or at least make them less obvious. Personally I think they are beautiful, just like the skin and wrinkles on old peoples faces, they tell stories and ads personality, but thats just me

Essentially stretch marks are permanent changes to your skin's structure. Once there they can't be erased, just their apperance can be "improved" so to speak

As a woman ( and man, but not relevant in this comparison ) our bodies go through so many changes through pregnancy, it's not easy, it's damn tough on women! The pain of giving birth, the sleep deprivation that follows, the ups and downs, hormonal changes! We never fully recover! Learn to love those stretch marks aka tiger stripes. Perfection doesn't exist... it's just an illusion! Imperfection is beautiful ice blue colored items to wear for the maid of the bride

Wish you all a lovely sunday

The tattoo is my star sign

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