lace open back wedding dress

14 years of my life with u, waking up every morning to ur face, spending the day together doing fun stuffs like u playing piano and us singing together, drawing together, u doing decorations and me helping, going to church together, choir practice,weddings together with me dressed as a flower girl even tho I wasn’t the flower girl,seeing ur face every night before sleeping, me
Waking up every Saturday to breakfast in bed made by u.
U taught me a lot of things people around me couldn’t, u were my sister, my bestfriend. U never hid anything from me, remember How I used to follow u everywhere and people started calling us dog and tail saying “wherever the dog goes, the tail goes”, remember I how got the name Esther adeoba. U were my first love, my most favourite person in the world, I remember how I used to tell u I love u more than my own mum and u’ll say it’s not right to say that. If I was to write about u, u know I’ll write six books and the story would not end.They say no one is perfect, but u are the most perfect person I’ve met, the most holiest, the realest. U taught me about God, taught me how to pray. I laugh it off when I post some stuffs and u say don’t use words like that or post things like that, u telling me Esther stop drinking alcohol and I just laugh, me dressing and exposing my body and u complaining, me listening to worldly songs like u call it and u telling me to change, I was always laughing about it. U were/are the best thing that ever happened to me. U called me on 28th of January Sunday morning at 9:01, we had a little conversation and I was telling u about how I was talking about u to someone and laughed, I remember how I said sis adeoba I’m leading praise and worship, I’m gonna be late for church, I’ll talk to u later and u said u were proud of me and u’ll talk to me later. If I knew that was the last time I was talk to u, hear ur voice I would have stayed on the phone and spoken to u for the whole day. 28th of January 2018, my worst day ever. They lied to me, they told me u were in a coma that I should pray for u not knowing u were gone. When I heard it, I thought I was losing my mind, I got mad at everyone that said u were dead, saying that doctors report ain’t for u, I hoped, prayed, believed for a miracle to happen but it never did. I can’t bring myself to say goodbye, I can’t just say it, it so hard, it just doesn’t feel right, RIP on ur picture doesn’t just correlate. The book u wrote to me I’ll cherish it forever. U remain in my heart forever. I love u ADEOBA IDOWU MARY ODETOLA lace open back wedding dress ? ? ❤️