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Dani Dooher update!

I'm with her now through the night and she is resting peacefully. Son Matt had a long quiet time alone with her before I took over.
Please no visitors tomorrow and likely the day after. Dani is recovering from her minor surgery, eating soft foods and soup and enjoying drinking nonclear fluids. She just needs lots and lots of rest right now and she resists falling asleep with visitors. long sleeve midi cocktail dress

I'll likely have breakfast and coffee Saturday morning at the Vault Cafe if any wish to talk and pass along messages.

Please no more flowers - no more room - I'll be posting a request to form a Group "In lieu of flowers"to night or tomorrow. I've two suggestions right now:
1.) loan of a small <clean> silent cool mist humidifier because the dry air is irritating her breathing
2.) Disposable paper booties for immediate family to use so leaves etc aren't tracked in her room. Used by movers, construction workers and hazmat.