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Unbelievable...discrimination against the handicapped from this store. Isn't it 2018? We preach and are taught to treat everyone the same and with respect. Not at Brides N' Bells in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. They are way behind the times. Here's the story and you decide whether to shop here or go somewhere we they actually do treat everyone the same and with respect. My sister, my niece and my sister-in-law drove almost 2 hours to get to this store to try on prom dresses for my niece's Junior Prom at her high school. My sister had checked out Brides N' Bells website and Facebook page and found a couple dresses that my niece liked and they planned a day to go and try on these dresses. My niece is handicapped and in a wheelchair. My sister and sister-in-law loaded her up, drove almost 2 hours to this store only to be told by the owner that my niece wouldn't be allowed to try on any dresses due to "the wear and tear on the dress". Really, "wear and tear"? Are you kidding me?? How is her being in a wheelchair going to cause any more "wear and tear" on any dress any more than any other teenage girl who tries on a dress? She doesn't have bobby pins or anything else in her hair to get caught on the dress, she doesn't wear any make-up that could get on the inside or outside of the dress, she doesn't smoke or use heavy perfumes or body sprays to get on the dress, and she wouldn't step on the dress getting in and out of it risking ripping the dress where other teenagers could. My sister, niece and sister-in-law left the store angry, hurt and frustrated and with no dress. They decided to go to Baraboo and look at dresses at a boutique there. Service was just the opposite. They treated my niece with respect and were extremely helpful. Now I wasn't present at this store, but I was present when we went to the Bridal Boutique in Platteville, Wisconsin looking for a dress there. They were amazing with us and my niece. We tried on several dresses and they were more than willing to help her into and out of the dress, offer suggestions about colors and other styles available. There were no worries or comments about "wear and tear on the dresses". They even offered to find more dresses for her to try on. Unlike Brides N' Bells whose staff was very rude and condescending. You may have beautiful dresses in your store, but your customer service and treating all customers equally sucks. Your website indicates you've been in business for 35 years, surprising with your discrimination and poor customer service how you've lasted that long. Does anyone find it odd that with all of your photos on this site and your website that there aren't any photos of handicapped people and only 1 or 2 of any other races besides white?? More discrimination? Very frustrating to hear how you treated my sister and my niece. I definitely will never shop at your store and I encourage my friends and other family members not to shop there. tulle prom gown